Good Luck Necklace- Raw Healing Crystal Gemstones- Reiki Infused Jewelry

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The Good Luck Necklace, a combination of the luckiest natural gemstones specifically chosen to manifest positivity and abundance. The gemstones are tiny 3mm raw stones with rough hand-cut facets. Your stones will be intuitively selected, then wire-wrapped to a dainty cable chain and spring ring clasp. The chain is available in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold filled or 14K rose gold filled, plus you can choose your preferred length. The perfect gift for friends, sisters, moms, girlfriends...anyone that you want to send good wishes to!

*Amazonite- financial luck
*Aventurine- general luck, considered the luckiest of all gemstones
*Rose Quartz- luck in love
*Citrine- luck in business
*Amethyst- luck in health

Your necklace will be handmade-to-order, cleansed, and charged with Reiki healing energy for the greatest good of the wearer.


The easiest way to create good luck is to release the negative in our lives and allow in the positive. Lucky crystals can help us with this transformation because they hold many different properties that support our intentions. Specifically, these crystals help us to change our perceptions and raise our confidence to release blocks, fears and doubts that are holding us back. We attune to raising our enthusiasm and in such a way we open ourselves to new opportunities, prosperity and abundance.