About The Artist


Marsha Dreibelbis is a native of State College, Pennsylvania, with fond childhood memories of hours spent at the dining room table on creative endeavors. Her most vivid classroom recollections surround art, and in particular working with clay slabs to create blue heart design mugs and a woodland themed box that are still proudly sitting on her moms display shelf. After studying at the University of Pittsburgh, and working as an environmental scientist in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Marsha felt the need to return home to Happy Valley. Upon arrival she rediscovered her love for art and created Red Garnet Studio. Her current activities include jewelry and pottery.

 Artist Statement

I love working with my hands and I’m inspired by natural materials such as gemstones, metals, botanicals and clay. There is something very soothing about touching these raw elements and creating something personal from them. When I work, I’m able to detach myself from thoughts of daily tasks, and let my mind roam free.

Description of Work

Modern wire-wrapped jewelry designs created with natural materials including gemstones, pearl, coral, shell, stone and wood in 14K solid gold, sterling silver, 14K gold fill, brass and copper. Some unique glasses are featured as well, including recycled sea glass and rare vintage art glasses. On special occasion, painstakingly glazed ceramics with geometric patterns may be included. The jewelry leans towards simplicity in order to highlight the beauty of the materials.

Hand-built earthenware pottery inspired by nature. Simple, rustic designs, organic shapes, and botanical themes.