Seven 7 Chakra Necklace- Raw Healing Crystal Gemstones- Reiki Infused Jewelry

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The Seven Chakra Necklace, a combination of 7 natural gemstones specifically chosen for Chakra balancing. The gemstones are tiny 4mm spheres in rainbow colors. Your stones will be intuitively selected, then wire-wrapped to a dainty cable chain and spring ring clasp. The chain is available in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold filled or 14K rose gold filled, plus you can choose your preferred length. The perfect gift for friends, sisters, moms...anyone that you want to send balance to!

*Crown Chakra- Amethyst
*Third Eye Chakra- Lapis Lazuli
*Throat Chakra- Amazonite
*Heart Chakra- Green Aventurine
*Solar Plexus Chakra- Yellow Jade
*Sacral Chakra- Orange Carnelian
*Root Chakra- Red Garnet

Your necklace will be handmade-to-order, cleansed, and charged with Reiki healing energy for the greatest good of the wearer.


The Sanskrit word Chakra means ‘Wheel’ and represents the 7 energy centers that keep our body, mind and spirit in balance. Specific crystals resonate with each Chakra, and by wearing jewelry combining all of these gemstones, flow of energy is regulated through the body. Chakra balancing jewelry will bring balance and health to the wearer, and in return help them to maximize clarity, intention, manifestation and abundance. When our chakras are balanced, we attain maximum potential.